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Safety Tips

Better Business Bureau has new Scam Tracker.

The Better Business Bureau now has a new feature on their website that allows individuals to view reported scams in their area as well as report a scam.

Click here is access the new feature: BBB Scam Tracker"

You will be able to narrow your search using the drop downs provided.

Home Security

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We want to take a chance to remind the citizens to be proactive in the protection of themselves and their property.

Some of the ways that you can do this is to remember to lock your vehicle at all times. You should also place items such as a GPS, laptop, or cell phone in a glove box or take them with you. This simple gesture prevents all but the most dedicated thieves from selecting your vehicle for their crime.

Another way to prevent criminal activity from happening at your home is to have your home and surrounding areas (garage, vehicle, outbuilding, back doors, etc…) as well lit as the front of your home. This prevents a burglar from having areas to hide themself in to make entry to your home through an unlocked door or window. Always remember to lock your doors and to put some security measure (a cut dowel rod for instance) in open windows to prevent someone from crawling through.

Also remember that with today’s high value on scrap metal to keep those items containing metal, that may entice criminal activity around your neighborhood, secured. These include old batteries, fixable yard equipment, and aluminum siding, etc…

Please remember to report any theft of any type that you are a victim of. Your case may be the clue to solving other Columbia City crimes.

Identity Theft

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Gun Safety

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Pedestrian Safety

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Bike and Wheeled Safety


Basic Car Seat Information