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Golf Cart Information

Columbia City is a golf cart friendly community

Golf Cart is defined in Indiana Code 9-13-2-69.7 as "a four (4) wheeled motor vehicle originally and specifically designed and intended to transport one(1) or more individuals and golf clubs for the purpose of playing the game of golf on a golf course."

Any person wishing to own and operate a golf cart, within the limits of the City of Columbia City, must have the cart inspected and permit issued.

To have your cart inspected bring it to city hall or call our dispatch center at 248-5121 to have an officer come to your home for the inspection. There will be a $25.00 charge for each inspection. We accept cash or check for the golf cart fee.

Upon completion of the approved inspection you will be given a copy of the Golf Cart Ordinance pertaining to golf carts and a copy of your receipt. The receipt will be your permit until you recieve the registration and permit sticker in the mail. The registration is to be maintained with the cart at all times.

Your registration is good for 2 years and will expire at the end of the month that you register your cart. All Golf Carts MUST be re-inspected and the $25.00 registration fee paid prior to expiration.

Permits are non-transferrable and non-assignable. If the registration decal is lost or destroyed the owner may apply for a replacement at the Columbia City Police Department. There is a $25.00 replacement fee.