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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Columbia City Police Department to protect lives and property of the citizens we serve. We will strive to reduce crime, the fear of crime and use proactive and progressing planning to ensure citizens have a safe community to live, work or play. Officers of the Columbia City Police Department will conduct themselves with honor, integrity and high ethical standards while performing their duties.

About Us

We are located in Northeast Indiana, 20 miles west of Fort Wayne on U.S. 30. The Department was established in 1922 and consisted of only 3 officers. We currently employ 18 full-time officers, 1 civil and have 5 volunteer reserve officers. We proudly serve the residents of the City of Columbia City.

Summer Safety Warning

The Columbia City Police Department is reminding motorists that rising daytime temperatures can cause death or serious injury to pets or people left in an enclosed vehicle.

Studies show that the interior temperature of an enclosed vehicle can increase 19 degrees Fahrenheit after only 10 minutes in the sun, 34 degrees after 30 minutes and 45-50 degrees in about one hour. The interior temperature of a vehicle can increase rapidly, and cause injury to pets, even when daytime temperatures are in the 80s or low 90s. The practice of leaving a vehicle window partially open, or “cracked,” has little effect on decreasing the interior temperature.

People can succumb to heatstroke when the core body temperature reaches 104 F. A core body temperature of 107 F is considered lethal. People or pets can be seriously injured or die from heatstroke in just a few minutes of exposure to temperatures that high.

People who work or play outdoors should avoid strenuous activities during the hottest part of the day. Pet owners are reminded to provide adequate shelter and fresh water for their pets.

For more information please visit the National Weather Service website at: NOAA

New Scooter Law Effective 1/1/2015

There will no longer be a distiction between mopeds, scooters or motorized bicycles. They will all be classified as Motor driven cycles.

               * All must be registered and plated
               * Divided into two categories:

                Class A MDCs
                    - requires insurance
                    - requires Operators License
                Class B MDCs
                   - 50cc
                   - No license, no insurance
                    - Requires ID

                Class B Requirements
                    - 15 years old
                    - ID card with MDC Endorsement
                    - No interstates or sidewalks
                    - Not faster than 25 mph

General Contact Information

112 S. Chauncey St.
Columbia City, IN 46725
Phone 260-248-5121
Fax 260-248-5126
Emergency 911

Administrative Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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